Hydrophilic Swell Bar

Hydrophilic Swell Bar

Hydrophilic Swell Bar is used for sealing of concrete construction joints, pre-cast concrete segments, proofing of shafts and pipe penetration subject to continuous or intermittent hydrostatic pressure. It swells in contact with water to seal the gaps and pores in a concrete joint. It can swell up to 450%.

  • Easy and secure application
  • Good Swelling properties on contact with water
  • Good Elastic Properties
  • Permanent water resistance, no leaching
  • Non-Polluting, ecological user friendly system
  • Need no harding time
Physical Characteristics :
S. No. Description Unit Internal Specified Value Test Method Analysi Report
1. Hardness Shore A Max 70 ISO 48 50-60
2. Tensile Strength Mpa 0.5 Min ISO 48 2 Mpa
3. Elongation at break % 150 Min ISO 37 300
Swelling Properties:

Specimen: Actual Sample

Test water: Distilled Water/5% NaCL, Temperature: 23°C, Immersion Time: 1 day & 7 days.

Description Unit Specification Test Method Analysis Report
Vol. Expansion after 1 day (DW/Tap water) % Min 10% In house Test 35-45%
Vol. Expansion after 1 day (5% NaCl) % Min 10% In house Test 30-40%
Vol. Expansion after 7 day (DW/Tap Water) % Min 50% In house Test 350- 400%
Vol. Expansion after 7 day (5% NaCl) % Min 50% In house Test 300- 350%
Volume recovery after Swelling:

As the Swell Bar is made with Hydrophilic polymer not with hydrophilic filler, it takes water with contact of water and after removing from water it releases water with time and come to original position within a certain time and it can be used again as swell bar. These cycles will go long as the polymeric material does not deteriorate its properties.

Shelf Life:

As the swell bar is a composition of synthetic polymeric material, it has weather resistance properties, and shelf life ranges from 5-7 years in shaded area with controlled temperature from 23-30°C and with no stress on packed material.