HDPE Geocell

We are a leading Manufacturer of black HDPE Geocell, HDPE Geocell, perforated geocell, geocell panel and hdpe textured geocell from Noida, India.

HDPE Geocell reinforced is made from polypropylene (PP) as main raw materials, to add black master batch and anti-aging additives, By heating and stretching, make it as sheet, After a riveting, it become with three dimensional network structure and have high strength and low elongation ratio characteristics. It is mainly used for special Foundation treatment of Highway, desert, beach road, railway, river, dam, the flood control of the cofferdam building etc.It has a high foundation bearing capacity and strong impact resistance, Easy construction, low cost, it is an effective high-strength geosynthetics.

HDPE Geocell is known for its excellent stiffness and good bearing capacity. This product is suitable for reducing deformation. It has maximum 25 kN/m tensile strength and unique flexural storage modulus level. It can endure up to 60 degree C temperature and is capable of resisting stress cracking. Moreover, HDPE Geocell has exceptional UV degradation and oxidation resistance properties. It is simple to install and it has good reinforcement features. Light in weight, it can resist damaging effects of acid, aging, abrasion etc. This product is used to resist landslides. Simple to join, this product is effective in improving load enduring capacity of road.

Thickness @ 200KPa, (mm) 1.40 ASTM D 5199-2012
Weld Strength, N 1150 ISO 13426-
Cell Dimensions, mm - Inhouse method
Width 480 Inhouse method
Length 443 Inhouse method
Cell Height, mm 75 Inhouse method