PVC Waterstop Sales Manufacturers

Pvc Waterstop Seals

Stelka Textiles is one of the pioneering PVC Waterstop Seals Manufacturers offering premium quality seals for preventing the flow of liquids. These are required at different industries to block or to seal the passage of water or liquid flow between the concrete joints, slabs, walls, and cracks. We are into the business of manufacturing these seals for more than 8 years now and are known for offering exceptional quality polyvinyl waterstop seals for our customers.

We have a team of professionals that help us produce high performing waterstop seals that work for long time without any problem. We at Stelka Textiles use top grade polyvinyl chloride for manufacturing these waterstop seals. They are fabricated by mixing PVC along with different chemicals and resins to form an excellent quality PVC waterstop seal. All the waterstop seals produced by us are known to offer excellent resistivity to corrosion and oxidation.

They work well in extreme weather conditions also and have great resistivity to tear & wear. That is what makes them work efficiently during the contraction and expansion of water pipes. The flexibility offered by PVC Waterstop Seals allows them to prevent the flow of water in these conditions as well. As one of the prominent PVC Waterstop Seals Manufacturers, we offer seals that can work well with different materials including concrete. They are easy to install and can work for many years without getting damaged.

Being one of the leading PVC Waterstop Seals Manufacturers in India, we are known for supplying these to multiple industries including construction industry, oil & gas industry, mining industry, chemical industry, wastewater management plant, agriculture industry, marine industry, and several other industries. Being certified by ISO, we strictly adhere to the industrial compliances to ensure that all the waterstop seals produced by us work well for different applications. The presence of quality testing professionals helps us ensure that we deliver durable and effective PVC Waterstop Seals to our clients. We at Stelka Textiles are known for supplying these in bulk quantity at affordable market prices.

Technical Specification PVC Water Stop Seal:
Characteristic unit Specification
Tensile Strength Mpa 13.8 min
Elongation at Break % 285 MIN
Hardness Shore-A 65 Min
Water Absorption % 0.6 Max
Cold Resistance (at-25o) Visual No Crack
Accelerated Extraction Test
Tensile Strength Mpa 10.3 Min
Elongation at Break % 280 Min
Stability in effect of Alkalis test
Weight increase at 7 days % 0.25 Max
Weight decrease at 7 days % 0.10 Max
Change in hardness at 7 days Shore-A +5
Weight increase at 28 days % 0.40 Max
Weight decrease at 28 days % 0.30 Max
Dimension Change % +1
Structures That Require Water Stop:
  • Storage Tank
  • Retaining Walls
  • Swimming Pools
  • Water& Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Subways, Tunnels& Culverts
  • Dams, Canals & Water Reservoirs
  • Foundation, Basement, Underground Parking
  • Pumping Stations, Underground Chambers
  • Drainage and Sewerage Concrete Structures (Sewerage Treatment Plants)