Geotextile Drain Board Manufacturers

Geotextile Drain Board

We at Stelka Textiles are one of the well-established Geotextile Drain Board Manufacturers in India. These drain boards are high in demand for drainage applications in both construction and civil engineering industry. For an effective drainage, geotextile drain boards are considered best due to their built and their structural support. We are into this industry since 2016 and have become expert in fabricating these drain boards.

To ensure that these drain boards offer excellent performance, we always use top-notch grade geosynthetic material in manufacturing them. We source these geotextile drain boards from the best sources to deliver our customers the best quality drain boards. At Stelka Textiles, we use upgraded technology and advanced machinery that supports our manufacturing process. Being an ISO approved brand, it is our priority to maintain the quality in every geotextile drain board produced by us. We are one of the leading Geotextile Drain Board Manufacturers producing these drain boards in multiple sizes.

Our experts are aware of the different applications that are supported by geotextile drain boards. That is what makes them design these drain boards of varying thicknesses. It makes it easier for businesses to choose the geotextile drain board of the required size and thickness according to their purpose.

All our geotextile drain boards are considered excellent for installation. They are suitable to configure with different drainage systems. Be it about installing them behind the retaining walls or below green roofs and plaza decks, our geotextile drain board are considered excellent to use for multiple applications. As all our geotextile drain boards consist of synthetic core covered with permeable geotextile, they are considered excellent to allow water to pass through them while offering better structural support. They are also helpful in preventing soil erosion. Being one of the well-known Geotextile Drain Board Manufacturers in India, we also offer customized drain boards according to the demand of our customers.

Some of the most common applications for which we deliver drain boards are green roofs, slope defense, foundation drainage, athletic fields, highway construction or road construction, and multiple others. At Stelka Textiles, we deliver all these geotextile drain boards with long lasting durability and at affordable prices.

Technical Specifications:
Color Black
Width Customized
Thickness 8 mm
Material HDPE