Electrical Rubber Mat

Electrical Rubber Mat

Stelka Textiles is an eminent Electrical Rubber Mat Manufacturer. We Manufacture insulation mats as indicated by IS 15652/2006 with advanced innovation and more tough quality control exceptionally security boundaries. This specific standard is set by the global Electro-Technical Commission.

They are exceptionally electrical safe. These non-conductive matting shields are just as protection from the human shocks that are produced by high voltage hardware. We suggest a thickness going from 2mm to10mm (higher thickness is likewise accessible) contingent on the utilization of working voltage opposition against the slip finished surface on the top and smooth lower surface.

All the electrical protection matting that we convey are dampness, water and spillage confirmation that ensure a long utilitarian (administration) life. They are oil, corrosive and fireproof as well. Producer's Test authentication is furnished with the inventory. Call here to Electrical Rubber Mat Manufacturer now.

Product Code Class Recommended Thickness Max use/Working Voltage AC Proof Voltage Di-electric strength(withstand Voltage) Approx weight per Sq Mtr
IEC001 0 3.0 mm 1.0KV 5.0 KV 6.0 kgs 5.0 Kgs
IEC002 1 4.0 mm 7.5KV 10.0kv 20.0 KV 7.0 Kgs
IEC003 2 5.0 mm 17.0 KV 20.0 KV 30.0 KV 8.0 Kgs
IEC003 4 6.0 mm 26.5 KV 30.0 KV 40.0 KV 9.0 Kgs
ASTM CD (Custom) - Upto 25.0mm Upto 36.0KV Upto 40.0 KV Upto 50.0 KV -
  • Near HT/LT Control Panels
  • In front of switchboards
  • Electrical Substations
  • Around Buss Bars
  • Outdoor /Indoor On Site use on lift Room

As per IS standard width is normally 1Mtr x 2Mtr., 1.2Mtr.x 2Mtr. And long length as per customer requirements.

Marking & Packing:

AS Per IS: 15652 (clausse9)


Upper surface of the mat is having small anti-skid aberration (rough surface without edges) to avoid slippery effects and lower surface is plain.

Salient - Features Of Electrical Insulaating Mats:
  • Tests and specification of insulating mats meets IS: 15652/2006 and tested by ERDA, BIS and self.
  • For both ac and current applications.
  • Insulating mats having low temperature resistance
  • Insulating mats have acid alkalis transformer oil and diesel oil resistance
  • Excellent flame retardant
  • Excellent ageing properties
  • Water and moisture proof.
Application :
  • High Voltage panels.
  • Power transmission rooms.
  • Near buss- bras.
  • Near control panels etc.
  • High voltage equipment.
  • AC plant rooms.
  • Workshop
  • Indoor or outdoor portable protection element
  • Lift machine rooms
  • Electrical switch gears
Electrical Properties & Voltage Test:
SL. NO. Class of Mat Thickness (mm) Di-electric strength ac mm(KV) Proof voltage ac(rms) KV
1. A 2.00 30 10
2. B 2.50 45 22
3. C 3.00 65 36