Stelka Textiles are one of the leading brands for manufacturing excellent quality Geocells in India. We are one of the top rated Geocell Manufacturers known for the quality and versatility of our geocells that makes them suitable to use in multiple applications. The use of geocells in green roofs, road construction, railway construction, airport construction, and other applications has increased its demand. Being an expert in this field, we are capable of fulfilling all these demands with ease.

We have experienced professionals who are into the manufacturing of these three-dimensional structures for long time. We use exceptional quality polypropylene or high-density polyethylene for manufacturing geocells. It helps in enhancing the overall durability of geocells making them last longer. Stelka Textiles is known for offering excellent grade geocells by incorporating multiple features in them to enhance their performance. The geocells supplied by us are lightweight but can easily withstand the heavy load of gravels, soil, and sand.

At present, we are supplying it to multiple customers by considering their varying needs. To cater to all these needs, our professionals are designing versatile geocells which are suitable for different types of terrains. Being one of the esteemed Geocell Manufacturers, we produce them in different sizes and shape. They are known to show excellent resistivity to chemicals, UV rays, and several environmental factors.

We design geocells that easily expand and contract according to their use which makes it suitable to transport. Their load bearing capacity makes it suitable to evenly distribute the load of the material placed on them, be it the soil or the gravels. We at Stelka Textiles produce geocells that are easy to install despite the varying terrains. The geocells manufactured by us offer great flexibility making them suitable for a wide number of road construction and civil engineering projects. Be it for stabilizing soil or for preventing soil erosion or for offering load support during road construction, the geocells crafted by us are considered perfect for all these requirements.

We are considered as one of the reliable Geocell Manufacturers and have achieved the ISO certification by the quality of products supplied by us. We are stringent with the adherence of quality and industrial standards and incorporate them while manufacturing geocells. All our geocells require low maintenance and are available at cost-friendly prices. Our experts are there to assist one in choosing the best geocells according to the application.

Thickness @ 200KPa, (mm) 1.40 ASTM D 5199-2012
Weld Strength, N 1150 ISO 13426-
Cell Dimensions, mm - Inhouse method
Width 480 Inhouse method
Length 443 Inhouse method
Cell Height, mm 75 Inhouse method