Nonwoven Geotextile Manufacturers

Non-woven Geotextile

Stelka Textiles is one of the leading firms known for manufacturing premium grade nonwoven geotextile in India. Being one of the eminent Nonwoven Geotextile Manufacturers, we use excellent quality synthetic polymers for manufacturing them. Its versatility and benefits have made it popular among various industries leading to the increase in its demand. We are expert in fabricating them to fulfil the varying needs of nonwoven geotextile in all over India.

We are ISO certified and take utmost care in manufacturing nonwoven geotextile. At Stelka Textiles our priority is to manufacture these by following all industrial standards to offer our customers with the best. We are into the fabrication of different types of geotextiles in India. Quality and Durability being crucial factors for us, we always maintain them in all nonwoven geotextile supplied by us. We do thorough research before fabricating these.

Our experts ensure that they choose the right quality polymer for manufacturing these, be it choosing polyester or polypropylene or polyethylene. We are capable of catering to the bulk needs of nonwoven geotextile with the help of our mass production unit. Being one of the topmost nonwoven geotextile manufacturers in India, we customize the nonwoven geotextile according to the needs of our customers.

At Stelka Textiles, we fabricate nonwoven geotextiles with multiple features. All our nonwoven geotextiles are of excellent strength and are capable of bearing the load of construction materials, soil, water, and other materials. Their capability to withstand the load of all these materials helps them in offering better stability for different construction applications. They are known to have resistance to UV rays, chemicals, and extreme weather conditions. Being one of the renowned Nonwoven Geotextile Manufacturers, we offer geotextiles that are suitable for irregular surfaces and outdoor installations. They are considered excellent for drainage applications as they help in retaining the soil particles with ease and let the water pass through them due to their porous design. That is why they are also used for preventing soil erosion by filtering the soil particles during the water flow.

At present, we at Stelka Textiles are supplying these for multiple applications including construction applications, gardening, landscaping, mining, agriculture, civil engineering, waste management, water management applications, and multiple others. We have nonwoven geotextiles available in different sizes and thicknesses to match the requirements of the above-mentioned applications. All our geotextiles are available at budget-friendly prices across India.