Geotextile Fabrics Manufacturers

Geotextile Fabric

Stelka Textiles are one of the eminent Geotextile Fabrics Manufacturers in India. We are known for designing and producing different types of Geotextile Fabrics for multiple uses across different sectors. After working in this industry for several years, we are well aware of the quality of the geotextile fabric required. We are using top-grade material for fabricating this fabric to ensure that it offers excellent performance.

We have specialized machinery and tools to support the manufacturing of geotextile fabrics with ease. Though, the process varies depending on the type of geotextile fabrics. We use premium quality synthetic polymers including polyester, polyethylene, and polypropylene for manufacturing it. These polymers are chemically treated to produce long chain of polymers and are then processed through different machineries to fabricate the geotextile fabric. At Stelka Textiles, we use both thermal and mechanical bonding processes to enhance the performance of this fabric. Being one of the premium Geotextile Fabrics Manufacturers, we are capable of producing them in large quantity due to the high demand of this fabric.

Features of Geotextile Fabrics

Our professionals produce geotextile fabrics that have multiple features in them which make them a versatile fabric for multiple applications. We offer geotextile fabric which is considered excellent for its durability. It offers long-term performance due to the resistivity offered by it towards chemicals, UV Radiation, and biological degradation. We at Stelka Textiles believe in keeping quality at the top and that is why we never compromise with the quality of the polymers used in manufacturing it. The geotextile fabrics produced by us can be easily installed at multiple spaces including the challenging terrains. As it is being used in the construction process or drainage system or soil erosion, we always use the material which is environmentally compatible to minimize its impact on environment. Being one of the leading Geotextile Fabrics Manufacturers, we offer geotextile fabrics that offer excellent separation, filtration, and permeability.

We are certified manufacturers of this fabric and are successfully delivering it for multiple applications. Some of the applications for which we offer geotextile fabrics are road construction, drainage system, water management, landfills, slope stabilization, controlling or preventing soil erosion, and multiple others. Before its delivery to customers, it gets tested for all the features we have shared above. We at Stelka Textiles supply geotextile fabrics in multiple sizes and shapes to meet the expectations of our customers. We are known for offering these at affordable prices despite its varying type and varying quantity requirement.